Holistic Animal Healing Therapist

Holistic Healing

Why Energy Healing?

I believe that in order to be truly healthy and happy you need to look after your physical and emotional/spiritual ‘self’. They are the interconnected parts of you and this is what it means to be holistic – to look after oneself holistically or ‘wholistically’.

And, I believe this also applies to Animals as they too feel and express emotions. Our pets, for example, take on some of our emotional ‘baggage’ to help us cope with our stressful everyday lives. I feel that they touch our lives for a reason and that they deserve help and support with their emotional well-being. Often the stresses and fears that we can see in them are actually our stresses and fears. 

Our pets are our mirrors to show us what needs to be addressed. They love us unconditionally.  Offering them some energy healing is a way of showing them our love in return.

Holistic Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a powerful healing tool, a gift, within us all. You simply need to know how to harness it and apply it with pure intention and love, from the heart. Disease is a result of imbalance. Energy healing works with energy flow in the body to rebalance where there may be blocks or weakness and which can impair the body’s own capacity for self healing and self regeneration.

The therapist uses his/her hands to transmit healing energy to the patient in a gentle and none invasive manner. It is perfectly safe yet immensely powerful. With Animals, where permissible, energy healing begins with long slow and gentle strokes as a means of calming and settling them prior to hands on healing and scanning for energy blocks which may feel hotter or cooler than the surrounding area or there may be a tingling sensation.

Energy healing is:

How can Animals benefit from it?

In essence energy healing can support an Animal through his/her life from pampering to enhance wellbeing through to old age ailments as well as behavioural/emotional or dietary issues which may crop up along the way.

Holistic Healing

Dafinka’s story


Dafinka had a couple of painful experiences during Veterinary visits which resulted in her becoming incredibly stressed and fearful of getting into her carriage for car journeys. Because of this, she had to be coaxed into her carriage which made matters worse and on a subsequent journey to stay at the home of her pet sitter, which she normally enjoyed, she refused to eat or drink and it was very distressing for all concerned. Dafinka received energy healing prior to her next stay at the sitter’s home. The trauma which became associated with car journeys was cleared and Dafinka arrived at the pet sitter’s house happy and ready to explore before reserving her favourite spot on the sofa.

Holistic Healing

Tessie’s story

Tessie was very poorly with complications from several illnesses and was deemed to be at ‘end of life’ stage at the time of her first healing session. Her guardian had been advised to think about making preparations to have Tessie put to sleep. However, Tessie still had her zest for life and a sparkle in her eyes despite her poorly state and her guardian wanted to do whatever she could to make Tessie’s last days comfortable. As well as several healing sessions in-person plus distant healing, nutritional suggestions and sensory suggestions were made which Tessie’s guardian implemented.  Tessie gained some weight which surprised her vet and she showed some improvement in her wellbeing. Tessie and her family had another six months together. The healing sessions were to soothe Tessie and to prepare for the inevitable. The additional six months was enriching and incredibly special for Tessie and her family.

Holistic Healing

Lola’s story

Lola was homeless and roaming the streets. A very dangerous predicament for a domesticated Rabbit, but sadly not uncommon when the novelty wears off after an impulse purchase. A couple of days after she was spotted, she was captured and taken to Little Furries Rabbit Rescue where the full extent of her bravery was seen. As well as being physically unwell she was missing toes on both feet which were inflamed and one foot was so badly wounded that amputation was recommended. Prior to her next veterinary appointment for the amputation, Lola had healing to calm and to prepare her for the operation. She had another healing session postoperatively to enhance the healing process and also to adjust to her new status as a ‘Tri Bunny’. This little brave girl was up and mobile in no time at all and no further healing sessions were necessary.

What I offer

I offer consultations in person, this is important, initially, not only to complete a consultation form but also because I really like to see the patient in person where possible. First appointments can take up to two hours. Follow up appointments usually take an hour and can be in person, or remotely via Skype or telephone coupled with distant healing. Fees are charged per consultation not per hour. Healing therapy for guardians forms part of each session should they wish to take it. This may extend the consultation time but it can enhance the healing experience further when Animals and their guardians are deeply soothed and relaxed together. As well as energy healing I may also offer nutritional suggestions, environmental recommendations or emotional supportive tips.

I offer end of life support to Animals and their guardians plus bereavement support to guardians and remaining Animal companions

I am fully insured

Certificate in Natural Food Animal Remedies

To compliment my Diploma I have a certificate in Natural Food Animal Remedies which enables me to offer certain culinary macerated oils on a self-selection basis, natural tasty homemade treats and topical animal preparations.

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